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Rugby ball Fair Trade
Rugby ball Fair Trade

Rugby ball Fair Trade


The ball that lends Respect !

Rugby Practice Balls: Perfect for all conditions and also wet weather, there is a ball with a pebbled, rubberized outer material providing better grip.

Score with Fair Trade

Fair Trade guarantees a fair wage and good working conditions, as well as a premium to invest in social and economic initiatives for their communities. Among other things, Fair Trade standards for sport balls production ensure the following:

• Fair Trade standards for hired labor require that workers earn at least the national minimum wage.

• Fair Trade standards require that producers do not use child labor.

• Producers must have a Joint Body comprising of management, factory worker and stitcher representatives. The Joint Body consults with those they represent and decides upon the best use of the Fair Trade premium money.

• Fair Trade standards ensure that there is no discrimination against women, and that facilities pertinent to women are provided by employers.

• Canadian and International market

• Certified Fair Trade Sport Balls are available in Canada since 2004.

• Certified Fair Trade Sport Balls are assembled by 5 producers in Pakistan.