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About us

We are an online company specializing in green products. According to our definition, a green product is a product that is environmentally friendly:

  • Plant-based products, compostable, biodegradable or product that are made in canada.
  • Products which have undergone the least amount of processing possible.
  • Products which reduce the use of other products, such as multi-use microfiber cloths.
  • Products with more than one utility.
  • Products whose fragrances and colors are made from natural products. 

Our formula is simple: we aim to provide a range of stores where you will discover a multitude of products that will meet your needs.

We provide simple and easily accessible information for each one of our products: directions for use, maintenance, recommendations, origin, ingredients, photos, suggestions and more.

The products we’ve selected for you will surely exceed your expectations. We are constantly on the look-out for innovations and your suggestions are welcomed. 


Our criteria :

We offer top quality products.

Labeling must meet Canadian standards. Labels provide the required information for each product. This information, which must be bilingual, details the product’s weight, size, description, ingredients, instructions, country of origin, manufacturing, maintenance etc.

We favor Canadian suppliers whenever possible.

We verify and make sure our suppliers’ quality control processes, manufacturing procedures and labeling meet our standards, ie. through the use of recyclable containers.

We request copies of all the necessary certifications in order to offer you fair trade and organic products whenever possible.

Cosmetics declarations meet Health Canada standards and the INCI list of ingredients on the label contains a full listing of the ingredients as well as the net quantity.

Textiles labeling must include the fibre content, the generic name, a CA number or the manufacturer’s full address. Fabrics sued for bedding must be tested for fire resistance accordings to the Canadian standards regulation.

These are not only our requirements but also the minimum standards as stipulated by governing laws.

You are not simply a client to us, but an integral part of our business.Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and we will do whatever is necessary to offer you quality products that you will love but above all, products that you will use.