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Delicate cloth
Delicate cloth

Delicate cloth


50cm x 40cm

Microfiber Cloth designed especially to clean delicate items such as :

mirror, cellular screens, lenses, glasses, dvd, cd, most television and computer screens, keyboards, crystal, porcelain, glass, leather, vinyl, car interiors – simply use with water!  Does not leave streaks or lint!

The only one that doesn't need any cleaning product. EASY, FAST AND CLEAR.

Directions for use:

Rinse the cloth in hot water.

Wring out excess water.

Shake once or twice.

Clean the desired surface.

Do not use any chemical products. Use only with water.

You may cut the cloth in half with a pair of indented scissors to have two 25cm x20cm cloths, you may cut one of these pieces again to have 3 cloths, one of 25cm x 20cm and two of 10cm x 12.5cm. Whatever your needs may be!

Attention: The cloth itself does not scratch surfaces, but may pick up particles that do scratch. Before proceeding to clean screens, lens and other delicate surfaces, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Made in Austria

70% Polyester 30% Polyamid

CA 53965