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Ecotrail Dedorant Spray
Ecotrail Dedorant Spray

Ecotrail Dedorant Spray


New! Fits your specific needs.

Really gentle deodorant, non-irritant (even on irritated skin) and biodegradable.

24 hours efficiency for all members of the familly. 

Known as non-toxic (biological and ecological)

Many of you were seeking a natural and colorless spray: now available!

DRUIDE prepared it for you. It completes our range of deodorants that many people use successfully.

For better protection during intense activity and after.

No perfume other than pure, natural and certified organic essences.

Biodegradable, vegan, not tested on animals, gluten free, organic ingredients and the final product certified by Ecocert, the largest independent international organization dedicated to cosmetic.

Refresh yourself! Universal deodorant for all, for all, safe for the whole family, objects, animals, etc.

theSpray where you need to deodorize, and enjoy immediately its efficacy. Each person in the family can use the same bottle. Bring a bottle for all activities that might require instant refreshment.

Do not hesitate, once you have tested to be part of our continuous improvement program: scan the QR code printed on the bottle and participate! Please also leave a comment about the product. Help others to adopt environmentally friendly behavior to their health and the planet.

Deodorizes while successfully even current items: shoes, sports equipment, clothing, animals (no cons-indication), etc. (Share your findings in detail the comments of this new product as soon as you've experienced!)

100% natural ingredients certified by Ecocert.

DRUIDE you prepared. He successfully completed our range of deodorants that very many people use with the best results they ever experimented with a natural formula.
Natural plants and minerals assets of this deodorant are perfectly safe. They immediately neutralize perspiration odors and leave a dry effect, but without  any alcohol!

Lasting Effect: Alum soluble (certified natural mineral) is nontoxic and hypoallergenic. The pure alum crystals dissolved in aloe vera close up drying to encapsulate odors. Without irritating it immediately fight the bacteria that cause the odor annoyance.

Use: Shake the bottle before use. Spray 3 or 4 jets each armpits.  plus other body parts as neded: feet, uper legs, etc

You can apply without fear after shaving underarm to help close the pores of the skin. Do not stain clothes. (Test anyway with special fabrics, each fabric is unique - you know that each fabric is different)

Ingredients: Organic Aloe vera, water, alum (certified natural mineral), essential oils of sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender, extracts of plants deodorant.

Advice to pregnant women: DRUIDE composed his deodorant with scents and active ingredients without contrindication or restrictions for pregnant or lactating women. We choose the safest oils possibles.

Note that warnings about essential oils generally apply to internal or pure usage / concentrated / repeated on the skin of a person. A cosmetic product is usually composed of species whose percentage is measured for the safety of most users. This is a general information and a particular person could develop an unexpected sensitivity.