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Small Loofah
Small Loofah
Small Loofah

Small Loofah



Piece of  Loofah

Loofah is a vegetable and a member of the squash family, grown in the Orient.
Its requires nine months of sun to reach maturity and dry out.
Wet the Loofah, its texture will change and soften. You will quickly learn how to use it and won't be able to do without it.

You can get Whole loofah. Cut a lenght as desire. Also available a piece of loofah or our personal care products gloves and back straps.

Our gloves and back straps come from organic farming and we deserve the right to use the mention. Verified as Organic ingredients by OCQV.

Unfortunately loofah do not grown in our climate. We import our loofahs directly from Egypt without intermediary.



Use it to clean your fruits and vegetables or to wash the dishes.
It won't scratch stainless steel or teflon.

Wet the Loofah, its texture will change and softhen. Use it alone or with your favorite soap or shower gel. Top quality Egyptian Loofah profices soft and effective exfoliation of the skin.

Loofah last 4 months more or less.


Washing instructions

No matter how you use it, loofah can be cleaned in the washing machine and/or dish washer regularly.

Store in a dry location.