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This flotting candle measure approximately  3 cm  (1 inch) from the base to 6 cm on surface (2 inches) flower pattern

Last up to 4-5 hours

Bee was candles clean and invigorate the air, contribute to neutralize odours. They provide a nice golden flame along with a sweet natural smell.

Hand made. Contains exclusively 100% bee wax.  Our candle wick are equilibrated to size of each shape of candle and made with 100% cotton only; no zinc, no plastic, no additive.

Ecologically concerned, we are constantly striving for quality.  We are proud of our workmandship and products!

Bougies d’Art

Richard Mercier, craftsman is an accredited member of the Quebec's Council and Crafts association, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada