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Pink Grapefruit essential oil
Pink Grapefruit essential oil

Pink Grapefruit essential oil


Essential Oil Divine Essence® 100% pure and natural - certified organic by EcoCert Canada.

15 mL

Botanical Name: Citrus paradisil macf

Production: South Africa

Grade: Premium

Part: Peel

Chemotype : Limonene, Linalol, Neral, Geranial

Warning : Do not apply on skin before exposure to sun.

TRADITIONAL USES : Internal- Culinary use – Skin Care – Bath – Massage - Diffuser.


INTERNAL: Most of the DIVINE ESSENCE® essential oils are recommended for therapeutic use, but should always to be diluted in vegetable oil. Only use essential oils that are 100% pure and natural and when possible certified organic. IMPORTANT: Never swallow undiluted essential oils without the recommendation of a certified aromatherapist or a healthcare practitioner.

CULINARY USE: Essential oils are an extremely concentrated product. When cooking limit yourself to one drop of essential oil for a recipe of four to six portions. It is recommended to dip a needle into the essential oil bottle and to mix it with a quality vegetable oil if the taste is too pronounced.

SKIN CARE/COSMETIC: It is possible to create your own cosmetic products by using ingredients such as our essential oils, floral waters and vegetable oils. Please refer to the numerous books on this subject.

SKIN: You should always dilute the essential oil in vegetable oil before applying to the skin due to safety concerns. The essential oil concentration must be between 1% and 10%. It is possible, in rare cases (for example tea tree and lavenders), to apply pure essential oil directly on the skin, however it is highly recommended that you first carry out a 'patch' test. A patch test consists of applying one or two drops of essential oils on the inside of your wrist and then cover your wrist with a bandage for 30 to 60 minutes. If your skin does not react (redness or irritation) than you can use the essential oil directly on your skin. In the case of minor irritation you should reduce the amount of drops used.

Certain essential oils are dermo-caustic (cause skin irritation) and/or photosensitizing (never apply on the skin prior to sun exposure otherwise serious reaction may occur).

The following essential oils are known to be dermo-caustic and photosensitizing: angelic root (not the seed), black cumin, tagetes, lemon verbena, some citrus essential oils like bergamot, bitter orange (not sweet orange), grapefruit (white and pink are possibly photosensitizing), lemon, lime (by expression and not distilled), mandarin (all colours) and tangerine. Ginger (mildly photosensitizing) and lovage (root and herb) are also dermo-caustic and photosensitizing. Cinnamon (only the bark not the leaf) is not photosensitizing, but is very irritating.

BATH: Never use pure essential oils in the bath since they are not water soluble (the oil floats to the surface). It is necessary to dilute 5 to 20 drops of essential oil in the DIVINE ESSENCE® product called SOLUBOL, which acts as an emulsifier, or in a neutral foam bath. You can equally mix the essential oil in powdered milk or beaten egg yoke before pouring it under the running water.

MASSAGE: Essential oils (simple or blends) can be used for massage by diluting them in a vegetable oil (for example Rosehip, Jojoba or Hazelnut). A concentration of 1% to 5% of essential oil is recommended.

DIFFUSER: In general 5 to 30 minutes of diffusing time is enough for one day. Avoid saturating the atmosphere of your home with essential oil particles that could potentially irritate the eyes and respiratory tract.