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Rosemary Pharaohs oil
Rosemary Pharaohs oil
Rosemary Pharaohs oil

Rosemary Pharaohs oil


Pharaohs oil with essential oil of Rosemary

A fine, therapeutic olive oil, aged almost 40 years

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INGRÉDIENTS INCI : Olea europaea (huile d’olive), Rosmarinus officinalis (romarin)

Our products are suitable for the whole family:

Pharaoh’s Oil for babies:

- For diaper rash, cradle cap, burns or skin irritations, use Natural Pharaoh’s Oil

- To relax and soothe baby, use Lavender Pharaoh’s Oil

- For massages and much more.

For men and women: Natural Pharaoh’s Oil or with essential oils


- To soothe skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, plantar hyperkeratosis, herpes, zona, rosacea, dry skin: apply 2 to 3 times a day on affected region by gently massaging. A 21 day treatment is recommended followed by a 10 day break before resuming application.

- For burns or sunburns: apply a few drops of Natural oil and repeat as needed.

- For cold sores: apply a few drops of Natural oil every 20 minutes within the first two hours of the sore’s appearance and then continue applying 2 to 3 times a day thereafter.

- For facial skin care: preferably at night, put a few drops of the heated oil in your hands and apply on the face and neck. The oil contains large quantities of vitamin E, oleic acid, micronutrients and omegas. It boosts cell renewal, heals the skin, moisturizes and cleanses.

- After shaving: for men: apply a few drops to the face and neck, - Rosemary or Orange-bergamot and Lemon. It soothes and leaves a subtle scent. The oil prevents the appearance of small red pimples.

- After shaving: for women: apply a few drops on the shaved region - Rosemary or Orange-bergamot and Lemon. It soothes and leaves a subtle scent. The oil prevents the appearance of small red pimples.

- After waxing or laser hair removal; apply to skin by gently massaging. The oil helps reduce the appearance of small red pimples.

- For sports enthusiasts: massage muscles before and after physical activity. This stretches the muscles and helps them return to their normal state after exercise. Many athletes use the oil with much success.

- Helps your tan last 4 to 6 weeks longer. After showering at night, apply lightly all over the body.

- In the bath: add 2 to 3 tbsp of PHARAOH’S OIL to ½ cup of milk or to powdered milk (1 tbsp of powdered milk for 3 tbsp of water). Helps soothe, soften, nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving it silky soft.

-For the scalp: separate the hair where the problem is present, apply PHARAOH’S OIL on the scalp over the problematic region and gently massage. You may wash your hair after 20 minutes or keep the oil in overnight and wash your hair in the morning. The hair itself will benefit from this treatment as it will leave it silky and nourished.

-For massage, lymph-drainage and gommage: PHARAOH’S OIL can be slightly heated in a double boiler. 30 ml is plenty for a full body massage.

For treatment: apply liberally on problematic area, cover with plastic wrap then a hot towel, and wait 20 minutes. Remove everything, gently massage and leave to penetrate the skin. After 10 minutes, remove excess oil with a soft cloth. For lingering pain, the effect of the oil is cumulative and you will notice a considerable change from the 3rd week onwards.

This oil may be used to soothe:

- Sprains, lumbagos, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle tension and inflammation, torticolis and tendinitis.

When inflammation is felt, apply a small quantity of oil by gently massaging the affected region. We recommend repeating this process every 20 minutes during the first hour and then 2 to 3 times a day thereafter until the inflammation is gone.


- hyperoxygenated

- contains between 90 and 180 oxygen atoms per molecule whereas regular olive oil only contains between 18 and 20

- contains vitamin E, Omegas 3, 6 and 9

- First press virgin olive oil


- does not stain clothing

- increases the efficacy of essential oils

- has no expiration date and will not turn rancid

- does not leave the skin feeling oily or greasy

- has many uses

Pharaoh’s Oil can be used for aromatherapy, lymph-drainage, and massages and can also be used to make homemade cosmetics.

Babies and Pharaoh’s Oil: since Pharaoh’s Oil does not turn rancid and does not stain, it is an excellent choice for those who use washable diapers and is suitable for baby’ skin.

INCI INGREDIENTS: LAVENDER OIL: Olea europaea (olive oil), Lavandula dentata (officinal lavender)

Made by: O.Gignac, Quebec, Canada