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Strip It Plus  - Pretreatment laundry

Strip It Plus - Pretreatment laundry


Strip It Plus - Pre-treatment laundry formula
(32oz) by Landry Tarts

 Do your fabrics require a little boost or have whites that may not be so white anymore? Do you have materials that need to be stripped of bacteria causing orders and build-up or residues? 

Our easy to use Strip It Plus solution contains no bleach, ammonia or fragrance. Simple to use in a regular high efficiency machines that have a soak cycle or in a wash tub, sink or bath tub. Best used with hot water.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vegetable Glycerine

DIRECTIONS: For hand wash, delicates, heavily soiled garments and cloth diapers: Dissolve 1 tbsp of Strip It Plus in 5 litres of warm/hot water (hard water requires 2 tbsp). Soak garments in solution for 1 hour agitating occasionally to loosen embedded residue. 

After soaking in the solution for 1 hour, rinse thoroughly by squeezing garments under warm water becomes clear (Do not strip more then 10 cloth diapers at a time to ensure solution is properly dispersed).

TIP: For washing machines: Add with detergent for whiting, brightening or build up.


H.E. machines use 1tbsp with detergent for small laundry loads/2tbps for larger loads (always wash whites separately from colours).

Top Loader use 2tbsp with detergent for small loads and 4tbsp with detergent for large load.