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Sun Stix

Sun Stix


SunStix  SPF30 10ml Natural Sunscreen Lotion Travel Spray

Introducing SunStix portable natural lotion spray. For healthy skin care protection when outdoors, always use the SunStix, an all natural SPF 30 sunscreen lotion. In today’s world of uncertainty of too much sun exposure of harmful UV rays to the face or sensitive skin it is vital to always be sun safe. Remember to bring this sunburn protectant sunscreen and apply regularly. The SunStix is easy to use, simply spray on hands and apply to face or sensitive skin areas such as ears, nose, forehead, and arms. 

The SunStix are perfect  for day trips, travel,camp theme parks, outdoor events and activities. Compact size fits: pocket, purse, back-packbriefcase, golf or travel bag…anywhere!

Paraben Free . Hypoallergenic . Biodegradable