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Dryer Ball Tumber Tarts -  Dryer Balls Pak - Unscented Dryer Balls 

Choice of: 

  • 1 box  3 balls  100% wool 
  • In bulk  6 balls 100% wool

The Tumbler Tart dryer balls are available in a pack of 3. They are a fun, natural alternative to chemical fabric softeners, dryer sheets and PVC dryer balls. While bouncing in the dryer, laundry becomes soft, reduces static and minimizes the time it takes to dry; saving you money on your electricity bill!


Simply toss 3 - 6 or more balls into the dryer to create loft while tumbles. Reduces drying time, wrinkles and static without the harsh chemincals of conventional fabric softeners.

Happy Sheep ! Happy wool !

New Zealand sheep enjoy protection of a wide range of laws and regulations regardings safety and health codes. Sheep farmers ensure very high standards of environmental protection sustainability and social responsibility.  Sheep live in open pastures all year long on average of at least 1/3 of a football field per natural environment. Passe on from generation to generation. New Zealand sheep farms are renown for their passion for agriculture and ethical values for animal welface. 

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