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Wooden knife
Wooden knife

Wooden knife


The best to cut cheese and more.

Naturally Delightful!

Maple wood utensils and utilities

Gastronomy - Pleasure - Health – Outdoors

Without the taste of metal and its oxidizing effects. Taste the difference.

Opt for wooden cutlery, which allow their integrity to the more delicate flavors. It also enjoys the contact, sound and insulating properties.

Long-term, and the wood has a natural antibacterial.

Guarantee 2 years

Very distinctive eco-utensils.

They are used for eating, not cooking and therefore do not become saturated.

To protect from staining, four coats of a natural non-toxic, environmentally-friendly solution is applied by hand. This treatment is composed of flax resin, rosemary oil, micro-crystal wax and a citrus penetrant.

Two-year warranty on all manufacturing defects or abnormal wear and tear.

Long-term durability. The products have been tested over a 6-year period with three daily uses.

Wood is insulating, it prolong the heat of food.

The stainless category has to have at least 10% chromium, 17% nickel and less than 1.2% carbon. But, molybdemium and vanadium are sometimes included to increase resistance to corrosion.

Nickel is a source of allergy, '' The Science Press Agency'' reports that the allergies to nickel have passed from 14% in 1984 to 20% in 2003.

The maple wood is recognized like a must in kitchen.

Responsible choice

The wood comes from cultivated trees.

A bold tree that has been harvested vitalizes the younger ones around it, which in turn trap carbon and help clean the air.

Nearly 9,000 utensils from one tree.

All wood residues are reclaimed.

We do not produce any air emissions nor any graywater.

Cutting tools are cleaned with lemon.

Packaging is made of recycled cardboard, biodegradable glue and water-based ink.

Manufacturing requires very little energy.

Natural and recycled paper is used in the office.

Retailer orders are shipped in recycled boxes.

Wrapping is made from recycled or natural paper.

Made by Justenbois, Quebec, Canada